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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have provided a list of frequently asked questions below. Should you have a additional questions, please contact us by either calling or filling out the form toward the bottom of the page so we can assist you.
    It is a positive alternative to crutches and wheelchairs. Its patented design allows for greater mobility while recovering from foot and ankle injury or surgery. Roll-A-Bout is the ONLY brand that can off center the knee platform and handle bar, making The Roll-A-Bout more stable, safer and easy to use.
    The Roll-A-Bout offers a safe, reliable and comfortable mobility option while recovering. The Roll-A-Bout can accommodate patients from 4’10” to 6’10” with a max. weight capacity of 500 lbs. It is the only device on the market that can provide that height and weight range. It is also the only device that has a patented off centered knee platform and handle bar, allowing patients to remain in their normal posture while allowing the patient to take a normal stride without altering either aspect.  And if that is not enough reasons, the device is doctor recommended with a long history of customer satisfaction, allowing our patients to regain their mobility and quality of life during recovery.
    Our customer service team will help you choose the device that meets your needs. Your device will then be delivered to your home. Keep the Roll-A-Bout for as long as you need. When you are done, simply contact us and return the device.
    Whether you have a surgery date or not, you can call us as soon as you know you will have to be off your foot. We will then work with you on the delivery date whether that means sending the device immediately to you or delaying the delivery in the near or far future or when the date is finally decided. We guarantee we will have a device for you when the time comes!
    In most cases, after surgery you will need to be off your foot. Therefore, we recommend receiving your device a day or so before your surgery so that you have the device for when you come out of surgery. This way you don’t have to worry about struggling on crutches to get to the bathroom, kitchen, etc.
    No, we do not require a security deposit to rent any of our devices.
    Leads to deteriorating body strength due to decreased mobility. Can increase potential for pressure ulcers and blood clots due to long term seated position. Lack of mobility
    Roll-A-Bout has a patented off-centered knee platform and handle bar set up. This puts the patient in a normal standing posture with the patients weight evenly distributed. The design also allows the patient to take a normal stride (like on two feet) without having to worry about stepping into the front of the device. This more natural posture and stride equate to a safer and easier experience. Generic Knee Walkers/Scooters center their knee platform and handle bar. Therefore, patients have to alter their stride, taking a more angled stride which throws the patient out of alignment and can cause the patient to lose his/her balance and tip over
    Often leads to wrist, arm, shoulder, hip and back pain. Lack of upper body strength can cause ineffectiveness. Unstable and a potential for further injury.

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    The Roll-A-Bout gave me freedom & confidence I didn’t find with crutches. It was a lifesaver for me.